Enjoy Your Body!

Hi, I'm Hazel. The (Badass & Bendy) Problem Solving, Holistic Fitness Empowerment Coach.

I Am Here To Help You Say " YES I CAN ! " To Your Dreams!

No matter what you're looking to achieve, I'm here to support you on your journey. As a qualified Personal Trainer with more than 10 years performing and teaching in the world of Circus Arts, I am here to celebrate the capacity and variety of the human body.

My approach gives you the power to define what is ‘Healthy' for YOU and combines technical knowlege of fitness with my experience as a mental health facilitator. I believe that fit and healthy looks different on every body and that fitness belongs to all of us! Together we will set, plan, and achieve the goals that are appropriate to who you are. I am committed to becoming an ally. I am not interested in how you look when you work out, I want to know how it makes you FEEL. When you sign up with me, you are automatically invited to join my exclusive and free of charge accountability group. Come and join our welcoming community of members eager to support one another on their fitness journey.

Four Ways That I Can Help You

In this exclusive 1-2-1 session, I will take you through your workout. Spot-check and trouble shoot your processes as well as acting as your own private cheerleader and accountability coach. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you need answering and can be added on to any of the packages as required. 1-2-1 sessions of this nature can be done over Zoom, at your house, at a park or at JD Gym (Gym membership required). Book your free consultation with me today!

£30 Per Hour (Pay As You Go)

£27 Per Hour For Monthly Bookings

Looking for guidance and accountability? This is the package for you! Great for those who know how to work out but need that focus to keep them on track. I’ve got you!

This user lead experience is great for those who feel confident in working out on their own but are looking for guidance and accountability. You will receive advice about activity levels, healthy eating and setting smart goals, access to my SwingTrain classes & recordings, and an online accountability tracker with support via messages from myself. Book your free consultation with me today!

Accountability Package £20 a month

Great for beginners or anyone who is looking for that personalised experience. This 6 week bundle includes everything you need to realise and achieve your fitness goals.

This programme is great for anyone just starting out or looking for a personalised experience. This bespoke 6 week package includes a 1 hour consultation and fitness tests, which then lead into personalised activity guidelines and 2 bespoke workouts designed to help you achieve your goals. Exercises and plan will be demonstrated in a 1-2-1 session. Weekly check-ins are included as well as all the benefits included in the accountability package. Book your free consultation with me today!

6 week bespoke package £120

This is the ultimate package for anyone ready to take their training to the next level, includes everything you need; from fitness tests to healthy living guidelines and twice weekly in person workout sessions. Achieve your goals safely and smartly!

My exclusive total package Personal Training service includes everything you need to be able to simply show-up and workout safe in the knowledge that you are doing so in line with your goals. Everything included in the 6 week package is here as well as 2 x 1-2-1 in person workout sessions per week. Book your free consultation with me today!

Full PT package £80 per week

What My Clients Say

"I could not imagine a more supportive or empathetic personal trainer than Hazel. She has tailored my workouts not just to my personal goals, but also to my lifestyle, and she is a bottomless pool of encouragement. I've never been an exercise person but working with Hazel I am learning to celebrate my own achievements and progress, rather than comparing myself to an impossible ideal. I would recommend her to anyone, whether they exercise or not - I'm sure they would want to with her behind them!"
"Hazel is everything I look for in a trainer; Super knowledgeable and adaptable, keeps you focused on your goals and reminds you to listen to what your body and mind are telling you. PT is a blast with Hazel!"