Hula Hoop Parties!

wiggle and giggle your way to fitness

Hula hoopalicious fun for children of all ages. Get those snake hips shaking and belly laughs roaring with Hazey's hula hoop parties! Embrace the wiggle and the giggles are never far behind! Spin, pose, and shake it all out! Young and old, there's nothing like hula hooping to make you feel like a kid again. Festivals, Fun days, Hen Parties. All sessions can be tailored to match the needs of your event:

Suitable for schools, youth groups, festivals, birthday parties, all ages, shapes and sizes. Hula hooping is great fun and good for you! With ten years experience in teaching circus skills, Hazel has worked with a full range of clients of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds. She believes that every participant should benefit from her workshops, and will switch from individual tutoring to group lead activities as appropriate. Activities are based on creativity and learning through play, fun and co-operation.

Also available: Hula Hoop Making Workshops

Make your very own hula hoop! For something extra special for your guests to take away - a custom made, cut to size and self decorated hula hoop to show off your new moves with! Hula Hoop making workshops can be booked separately, or together with an active hula hooping workshop.

Hazey Hoop is also experienced in teaching a range of ground based and aerial circus skills.